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The Story of Our Bee Business

Deez L'town Beez is located in Southern Maryland

Diane had been really sick and was looking for a way to boost her immune system. Honey was her go-to. This inspired her to become a local beekeeper. Living in a rural community she wanted very much to protect and sustain our ecology. Protecting the bees is just a small way to help do that.

Meet Diane

     My journey into beekeeping actually began with me getting sick and ultimately diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I contracted this tick-borne illness while caring for our horses. Being in the yard in the sunshine and fresh air is my passion, being sick, not so much!

     After several years of IV therapy, doctor visits, and months of just feeling awful, I decided I needed to start looking for a more natural way to boost my immune system. My doctor told me to get some local honey. It's full of all kinds of wonderfully beneficial things that help a body heal, naturally. 

     It was hard to find. Bees are in decline and have been for a while, so there are fewer backyard beekeepers as well as apiarists who have honey to sell. That’s when it occurred to me that I could become a beekeeper and farm my own honey while doing a little to help the environment. So, I picked up a new hobby.   

     The beginning of a whole new kind of Zen and the end of being stuck inside and hooked up to IVs.  Bee-ing outside after years of illness felt like heaven; a real breakthrough. 

Why I Love Bees!

 I fell in love with the bees. It’s quiet, peaceful, deliberate work. I love learning about them and helping others grow in their beekeeping journey. Most notably absent is my illness. I have had much reduced Lyme issues since I have been handling the bees. I sincerely believe that it’s the bee stings/venom that is helping my body kill off the Lyme bacteria or maybe all the honey I’ve been eating? I’m not sure, but something has changed for the better and I can only attribute it to the bees.

I decided I like them so much that I want to build a business around beekeeping. I want to help others find the joy I have found in this hobby.

I started with three colonies.  I'm now up to 40 during the peak season and averaging 25 through the winter months.  I hope to make a difference right here in my own little corner of the world...one little hive at a time. 

 What We Truly Aspire

We hope to encourage beekeeping and bee caring in all its forms by education of

our community and aspiring new beekeepers. 

  • From ownership of personal hives to hive adoption.
  • Creating pollinator gardens and reduction of chemical pesticide and herbicide use. 
  • Overall Food system support.
  • The bees need our help, and we need theirs for our food chain to continue. Sustainability depends on every one of US! 
  • Educating and understanding these creatures as a vital resource is necessary.

Build Your Own Apiary

Honey Bees play an important role in our ecosystem and economy. They are pollinators that support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, helping us sustain our source of food and shelter. If you want to become a beekeeper, turn to Deez L’town Beez for our educational services. We’ll help you learn methods of raising bees for their honey, for pollination, and for sustainability. 

We also sell honey bees. "Nucs", Queens, and hive products galore. We offer new beekeeper classes and so much more.

Call 240-925-1944 or e-mail us today!  


You can become a supporter of bees!  Even if you don't have the space for beehives in your yard or neighborhood, You can simply Adopt-a-Hive!  We would like everyone who wants a chance to help the environment to be able to do so!

For $99 per year, you can support a colony of bees!

Adoption is EASY

Here is what you will get...

  • 1 lb of fresh honey from your adopted hive! (*season permitting)
  • Updates via email with pictures of how your colony is doing throughout the year.
  • A certificate of appreciation 
  • Your name or business/group/league name is listed on this website (free advertising!) as a supporter of the environment and of Honey Bees As Thanks for supporting our sustainable business and our incredible food chain 
  • The satisfaction that your adoption fee is helping support our dwindling numbers of honeybees right here in Southern MD which are absolutely essential to our food supply!

New Adopt~a~Hive Sponsors

​A Million Little Honey BEE Thanks!!!

Jim Long - Grace's Bees Hive - August 2022

Julia Walker - Hive Name "Evolution Training Athletics (ETA)" June 2022

Julia Walker - Hive Name "Big Mama J’s Beez" May 2022

Randy Harris - Hive Name "Scout" February 2022

Steve & Chrissy Gatton - August 2021

Karen Long - Asher Snacks Hive August 2021

Donate to our apiary.

Your generous support allows us to continue to manage our apiary in an ethical and sustainable way. We appreciate any and all assistance, financial, equipment, sugar, apiary work, gardening, seeds etc.

Thank you for your kindness and support. 

[email protected]


  • Suttler Post Farm Holiday Open House to Benefit St. Mary's Hospice December 10 & 11 ~ 11-4 pm
  • 15th Anniversary SMADC Buy Local Challenge Celebration! August 1st at Serenity Farms. 5-9 pm ~ Rain or Shine
  • College of Southern Maryland, Instructor - Beginner Beekeeper Short Course.  With the Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers.
  • Earth Day Leonardtown - Look for me with the live bees in the observation hive.
  • Ann Marie Gardens - Makers Markets in April and May and the Insectival in July.  Look for me with the live bees in the observation hive.
  • 4-H Nature Fest - Event Sponsored by the Youth Development Educator University of MD in LaPlata.

Hours & Location of Operation

  • Serving Clients in Southern Maryland - Can venture into Virginia and North Carolina if scheduled.

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 7:00 PM 

  • Saturday and Sunday: All Day

  • Licensed in the State of Maryland
  • Member of Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers
  • Member Maryland State Beekeepers Association
  • Apprentice Level Certificate - University of Montana 2018
  • Journeyman Beekeeping Certificate from University of Montana 2019
  • Master Beekeeper UMT Graduate 2021

What our Customers are Saying

Diane is a wonderful beekeeper! She practices a very natural approach with minimally invasive techniques. Her knowledge and experience show in every aspect of her work. I had the pleasure of installing my very first bee package with her and things couldn't have gone more smoothly. You won't be disappointed with the quality of Deez L' Town Bees!

~ Rachel N., Lusby, MD  

Diane is a great wealth of knowledge who truly cares about you and your bees' success. She is willing to go out of her way to make sure you receive the best quality products. I purchased a Nucleus colony of bees from her and she not only took the time to ensure the nuc was set up for success but helped guide me through the installation process, (even took pictures!) She is always willing to take the time to pass on her experiences and offer solid advice. The bees I purchased from Diane are thriving and I couldn't be happier with the experience I had working with her. I am thrilled to have met Diane and be able to use her as a resource to further the bees. I highly recommend her for all your bee needs!

~ Nathan T., Leonardtown, MD

Having met Diane through our local beekeeping club, I've found her knowledge and willingness to help others to be invaluable. Being a 2nd-year beekeeper, I still find myself needing advice and I love that I can bounce thoughts off Diane for use in my own apiary. Beekeeping can be challenging and having such a knowledgeable person just a phone call (or text) away is wonderful. Her own apiary is organized, clean, and well managed. It is always a pleasure to work with Diane whether it is in her apiary or my own.

~ Valerie K.B., Lexington Park, MD

I am so excited to see this website going up! Diane is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything "honeybee" but more than that. She uses her knowledge to help others, always supportive and positive. Her passion for the health and welfare of the honey bee is striking. Diane is cognizant of the necessity of using naturally occurring chemicals (those found in nature) in treating and supporting her bees. She has a global concern for the sustainability of our pollinators. I am truly "wowed" by her genuine approach. The integrity of her apiary and any products that come out of that endeavor is stellar!

~ Joey W., Callaway, MD

How Can We Help You?

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